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TR3UK 03-30-2016 02:44 AM

G'day Gentlemen. After a great deal of consideration I have decided to sell my TR3 Yamaha. The advice I am seeking is a guide to the price I should ask. Briefly, without going into great detail, I have owned the bike since 1979, it was refurbished during the early 80's and stood in my living room for more than 30 years. The condition ? To quote my next door neighbour "looks like it has just been lifted out of the crate." Not been fired up since the day I bought it :eek:
Any constructive suggestions greatly appreciated.

Regards, Roy.

Bud 03-30-2016 05:51 AM

Prices seem to vary quite a lot these days as there seem to be collectors who will pay a lot for the right bike. On the Ozzy market, I'd guess you get $8,000-$15,000 depending on how long you want to wait for the right buyer.

If you are asking the members of this forum for the value, you should offer it to the members first at a reduced rate.

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