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link 02-26-2018 08:18 PM

burnt my plug electrodes off! methanol help needed
Hi all I was wondering if anyone may know why I burnt my plug electrodes off on my td3. I presume its lean but top of piston is ok and thought it should have a decompression hole in it by the time the plug tips melted off.. Changed ignition to another pvl. set at 1.6 . B9eg. chamber is not overly close to piston. As I said I presume its just lean but sick of guessing and just wondering if anyone has had it happen to them and has an idea why it happened. Any help would be great as I am learning meth as I go and sick of wrecking hard to get bits. Had vm34 2.2 main which is ok in my other 250 but not ok in this it seems or im totally wrong and its something else.Thanks link

Twinshock750 03-01-2018 02:03 PM

Interesting! I'd usually say advanced if it is doing that as it is getting too hot.

Though I have also heard of the side electrodes falling off on B9/10 plugs, but never had it myself and I doubt you would get a batch

I'd be talking to Hinto as he has had a lot of experience with meth and TD3's

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