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Default Bearing Retainer

Good evening Gentlemen,

in my TZ350 engine I found the bearing retainer on the clutch axle to be not mounted. It seems to be a part of great importance, although in early RD models it seems to be not mounted too. In this particular engine the bearing moved outward 2mm, causing the primary wheel to scrape on the engine cover, which worked as the new retainer for the whole assembly now. Nevertheless the bike was rideable till the teardown.

Here you see the bearing coming out of its housing:

I want to make a new retaining plate, because it is not to be sold in europe anymore. First question is about the thickness of this plate. Anyone got one nearby to be measured?

Second question is about your thoughts getting the bearing in again. One though punch on the outer ring, whilst environment beeing heated up and surrounding screws beeing loose a little? Or opening the gearbox and do it the right way?

looking forward for your answers and best regards

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